Thursday, October 13, 2011

On my mind: One person CAN make a difference!

While driving in town one day, I came across someone's stuff "kicked to the curb." And in the paper today, I learned that 28.5% of all the children in our county here in Kentucky are living in poverty. Our county even beat the state average. Not the kind of statistic you want to be "better than the rest."
Stumbled across a grand opening of a Kroger in Columbus, Ohio, when we stopped to find some 'local foods' to bring home with us. Free samples of $18 dollar a pound cheese are NOT to be found around here!
   An article in today's newspaper was so depressing...high unemployment, growing numbers of underemployed, rising homelessness. As they say, "I don't have all the answers. Heck, I don't have ANY answers." *sigh*
   The only thing that I can think of that might help, though it will take some years, is EDUCATION. That's why my charitable giving is focused largely on educational endeavors. (Don't get me wrong--there are lots of worthy charities out there; Hubby's soft spot is for the Red Cross.)
   Fortunately, not having all the answers doesn't stop some people. A friend of mine single-handedly started a charity to collect new shoes for the kids in one of the city schools in which 98% of the kids enrolled are considered poverty level or below. (Figures like that take my breath away.) She enlisted the help of family and friends, staged some fund-raisers and ended up with 253 pairs of shoes to donate. The school resource officer was blown away!! As a result, there were enough donated shoes to share among several needy schools in the district.
   Anyway, the new grandbaby spent the day with us today, and my friend came to visit bearing gifts in hand. Since she left, I can't stop thinking about her and the difference she has made in my life but also in the lives of 253 little school children she doesn't even know. Gotta love that!!


Sue xx said...

wow what a wonderful story....and good on the school for rising to the challenge of getting the shoes to the children that need them.


Practical Parsimony said...

I am so sad about the person's belongings on the curb. Hopefully, they got momentos and pictures and important papers. Things must be really bad in KY beat MS and AL, where I live!

Anonymous said...

Poverty has always been bad here in Michigan as is a link to article:
Definately not Proud of it..but it is a fact...

Sue said...

It's so wonderful that there are people with the get-it-done attitude of your friend in the world. I'm guilty of poo-poohing the woes of the world, but never do much beyond writing a check. I need a gungho attitude like that!

Mary said...

There are lots of places like that here in KY. I taught in a school in eastern KY where 99% were on free lunch. 80% illiteracy rate amongst adults too. That was 20 years ago and I do hope it is better now.

Shoes are the thing now and kids grow so fast!

petiteleit said...

What an inspiring story! Like you, I'm starting with me but that story makes me think of what else I can do. can you imagine - not only has your friend helped all those children, but can you imagine how many more she has helped by inspiring others to take on their own causes through her story? (phew that was a long question!)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

melissa said...

What an awesome friend! I look too often at the negative and how small my contributions seem - I can always use a reminder like this one, so thanks!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh that breaks my heart I grew up a poor kid and it amazes me in this rich world we still have children dealing with that. Shame on us and good for all those people that help I know from experience this really does help and one person can change the world.
Grandbaby yeah that would be fun. congrats. B

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