Monday, October 24, 2011

Very Nearly Almost Meatless Monday

Maxine's Cafe and Bakery, Evansville, Indiana. Boy, do I love bakery cases!!
We've been eating out like crazy. Here's evidence that I had at least one fabulous treat on cheat day!
   With folks in from out of town, we ate out yesterday and today as well. Since it was Meatless Monday, I ate the Baked Potato Soup for lunch. It arrived with a bare sprinkling of bacon chips. Oops! Ate 'em anyway...who can blame me? ;)
   Have I missed anything big (or delicious)? Not enough time to breathe these last few days, much less get my laundry done at a decent hour. Just heard my dryer go off, so gotta go! Hope to have time to catch up soon.
They had me at "chocolate cake" but the raspberry topping was the stuff of dreams!!


Practical Parsimony said...

You make me soooo hungry for goodies!

melissa said...

That cake looks decadent! Glad to see you enjoying yourself :) I hope you have the chance to catch your breath soon!

Sue said...

The bakery case looks heavenly. I wish we had someplace DECENT around here to get a fine slice of cake.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you're having a great time and that cake looks delicious.

Sft x

Mark said...

I was going to write that you "had me at chocolate cake" but you beat me to it.
I need some now!

Pure Ella said...

Ah that looks evil!!! LOL

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