Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spicing up my smoothie and finally trying to sprout my seeds

I've had these alfalfa seeds for almost two years, and I'm just now getting around to trying to sprout them. If this works, I'll no longer need to buy plastic-wrapped sprouts, reduces packaging but saves me money too! And it doesn't get any more local than growing your own! Can it really be as easy as soaking them in water one day, then rinsing and draining them twice daily 'til they sprout?
Loving the book Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph.D, as I do think the phytonutrients found in plants can keep us healthy. Thanks to Healing Spices, I now know which spice does what for the body. The book also had some excellent lists for which spices pair well with each other and a substitution list if you're out of a spice.
These four ingredients are the base for my morning smoothie: a little coconut milk, a heaping tablespoon of brown rice protein powder, 6 ounces of plain organic yogurt, a tablespoon of stevia and a teaspoon of ground flax seed. Takes the guesswork out of eating breakfast. Gotta love that! This morning, I added a peach, 8 blueberries ('cause that's all I had!) and ground nutmeg to the usual base before blending. First time I ever added nutmeg...YUM!
Ironically, there are not enough hours in the days of summer, but I figured pics with captions will get the job done. I'm off to hang out with my folks this morn. Hope something interesting comes along to spice up your day!!


Practical Parsimony said...

I don't understand how you could use a Tablespoon of stevia in one smoothie. I made a gallon of lemonade with 1/8 tsp and people said it was too sweet. Okay, maybe you have a terrific sweet tooth!I have never "made" sprouts. But, I need to start.

Al Firdaus lifestile & interior said...

Thanks so much for your recipe, your smoothie looks great! ..and I also like to use stevia as a sweetener! we use many different spices that we or my husband bring from them and do not want to miss them in my kitchen. I tried to learn a bit about their healing properties..but didn´t found the time you remind me:) thanks!


ps: I am so sorry of less writing in English on my blog..I think its just because of my lack of time..

Niki said...

I like the sprout idea, I may have to do this. I love sprouts on a turkey sandwich.

Mark said...

So far, I'm having a very un-spicey day. But I kinda like it that way. m.

Susan said...

Yes it is that easy!! I haven't done it for a while now, but they were a lovely accompaniment in a salad or sandwich. What I especially liked about sprouting my own was that I could use them at the stage of growth I wanted (early) - think they got a bit overgrown in the shops.

Just had to come over and find out how you spiced up your smoothie - oh nice, sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to try to grow sprouts too. They're so good on sandwiches and salads.

Dmarie said...

@Practical, this brand of stevia suggests substituting it in equal parts for sugar. Wonder if your brand is sweeter??
@JenMuna, I understand the lack of time! your site is so lovely, I enjoy visiting anyway!
@Niki, mine are destined for a salad, but thx for reminder about sandwiches. good idea!!
@Mark, that pretty much describes my day yesterday too. ;)
@Susan, I never thought about having to determine when to "harvest" them. oh, the pressure! ;)
@Days, hoping for the best. so far so good!

Practical Parsimony said...

Dmarie, I cannot find my brand right now and just saw your reply. I don't feel like moving anything on the shelves to I do know mine has nothing but stevia. Does your stevia include anything else? When I find it, we can compare notes.

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