Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free maps equal free fun, plus Cane Syrup Granola

When Hubby and I travel, I always keep an eye out for giveaways that will keep the grandgirls entertained when they come over. On this last visit, the girls had great fun with the free maps of the United States that I snagged at some visitors' center. At these ages (G1 is 6 years old; G2 is 5), the girls just had fun highlighting things on their maps, but hopefully they will learn a little about maps and the U.S. each time they play with these freebies.
Granola Variation
   If anyone has access to cane syrup, it makes yummy granola. Just sub out cane syrup for the honey in this Honey Almond Granola recipe posted previously.
   I once attended a conference in New Orleans and came home with this syrup. (Yeah, foodie souvenirs are my favorite!) I'd been told folks down south love cane syrup drizzled on their biscuits and scones, but that didn't do it for me.
   Seeking a way to use it up, I tried it in homemade granola...and LOVE it! Now, I beg anyone going to Naw'leans to bring me back some cans.
   Is there any regional ingredient you love but can't get at home? And what kinda freebies do you look for when traveling?


Practical Parsimony said...

I knew a 3 an 5 year old who loved maps. Since I only had one in the car, I just cut it in half and half again. They played with their respective 4th of a map. Then, when those were gone, I still had another 4th for each of them. They had so much fun and did learn a few symbols. They studied those maps with great intensity.

Southerners love syrups of all kinds. That is just the way we are. Molasses and sorghum are favorites with lots of us down here. I don't need to eat any of it, so I rarely indulge.

Lace up and Walk said...

When our kids were little we moved to Texas for my husband's job. I was very homesick so he took us out to eat hoping to cheer me up. At the restaurant being a Southern girl, I ordered sweet tea. The waitress said, "honey, you want find any sweet tea in Texas." I can tell you I almost packed up and went home:-)

Maris (In Good Taste) said...

No matter where you are always thinking of the grandkids! Very sweet post

Ali said...

YUM! I love maps (although the yum is for the granola, even though I'm not quite sure what granola is:)). I liven in Europe when I was much younger and way more fun, and one of the only things I brought home with me after five years is a fabulous Michelin map of the world.

Dmarie said...

@Practical, love 4 out of one, will def keep that in mind. Hubby loves sorghum (none for me, thx) but cane syrup on biscuits didn't do it for him either.
@Patti Bee, I don't drink tea but Hubby and DD do. Can scarcely imagine anywhere in the US not having it, but that's probably why I like traveling. Such fun to find other ways of living. Hope Texas treated you well otherwise!
@Maris, thank you & nice to "see" you again!
@Ali, *chuckle* in my case, granola is cheap homemade cold breakfast cereal. I am a map fan myself. Just bought a little world atlas to help me with crosswords (a hobby I only took up recently). I'm too lousy at world geography but hope to get better. Incredibly, blogging & visiting blogs helps!

Pam said...

Mix some cane syrup with a tablespoon full of peanut butter or butter...then put it on your biscuit. :-) Its been a while since I made granola, I think I'll put some together while I'm off work. Great Post!

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