Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I need to embrace minimalism

Yeah, this picture frame falling off my closet cubbie is a definite sign. It's time to minimalize!
   Who'd have thought you couldn't keep adding things without ever taking anything away?!
   My closet is actually minimalist heaven compared with the closets getting makeovers on TV. But I guess the rules that apply to my closet should be no different than what I should apply to the rest of the house--its a question of whether I want to settle for "not as bad as it could be" versus "serene space."
    If you want to get motivated to clear the clutter before something breaks, you might like Choosing Voluntary Simplicity, a blog I found while working my way through the 2011 All Star List of Minimalist Blogs compiled by Minimalist Packrat.
   Or if, like me, you mainly have closet issues, check out this Transform Your Closet piece on Oprah's site.
   BTW, I love visiting your blogs. Just upgraded my browser and for some reason having trouble leaving comments on some sites, but I hope to troubleshoot the problem soon.
   Where does the clutter collect in your home? If you have any posts you'd like to share with the rest of us regarding clearing the clutter, please leave your link in the comments.  


MegSmith @ Cooking.In.College said...

My closet and kitchen are definitely the most cluttered spaces in my apartment...I recenlty cleaned out my closet but it didn't seem to help!

cathy@home said...

at the moment any surface you will see some cluuter this is a good time to start one surface at a time. the cupboards are really tidy.

Practical Parsimony said...

Any horizontal surface is a magnet for clutter! I spent a week in the hospital once when my children were in elementary school. When I came home, I found they had been eating with shoes, coats and schoolbooks on the kitchen table. SHOES!!!??? Yes, ex there.

Alynia said...

The clutter mostly appears in my boyfriend's house: I'm there more and more, and I keep taking stuff with me, to forget taking it back home. So there's a huge pile of books, yarn and so on in the living room, and another huge pile of clothes in his bedroom xD

Unknown said...

My sunroom Is the place where clutter collects. It's where we enter the house, so things get dumped as we walk in. Luckily it's a large room and it doesn't get too bad as I regularly go through to tidy it. I have some wall units stored there because I intend to sell them, but over time I have filled them with 'stuff' again.
Last year I did a big declutter so I could paint the interior of the house, but I missed my some of treasures and slowly they crept back in.
Some people like clutter/treasures and should be careful about what they toss out or giveaway.
Now hoarders.....that's another issue altogether. Maa.

BLD in MT said...

Matt occasionally uses that "not as bad as we could be" argument with me when I am lamenting some area I am still not living up to my ideal, such as eliminating trash, buying all locally, etc. I know he is right. When you compare to the "average American" we make little waste, are quite thrifty, grow a lot of our food, etc. We do pretty good and we are never going to be "prefect." Still, I remind him, comparing yourself against something pretty crumby is not really a good comparison. It can make a person complacent I think.

Our sun-porch, Matt's closet, and my craft closet are the scariest cluttered parts of my home. I think I just stuff things in there as I attempt to clean and organize the rest of the house. However, its really just moving it and not dealing with the issue.

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